February 28, 2010

Well folks, here it is. The Cirque De TIGI. They certainly know how to put on a show. Complete with dancing boys and fireworks. Its alot of what I dont like about hair shows but then again. Its TIGI, its Anthony Mascolo. They did things big first. They did things big with taste. While they do alot that I would not do. They do what they do better than anyone, and its hard not to get excited.

This isnt the old TIGI though, this is the Unilever TIGI for $411.5 million. Oh how I wish my last name was Mascolo. I left the company before this happened. I know that so far very little has changed. I have close friends who work for the corporate office. The word on the streets is that big changes are ahead. Unilever owns products such as Dove, Axe for Men, Suave and Sunsilk, not exactly high end. Not that you cannot find TIGI in grocery stors already. I guess its that DIVERSION thing happening. Who knows. TIGI has never been ashamed to be out there before.

They were the “rockstar” choice, and as a former employee, I feel like I got to watch a bit of the process. It all started with a stick. That little bedhead stick. Great product, great idea. Of course you had to occasionally wipe the greatness off of your face if it got too hot outside. As the company grew, we at Toni&Guy watched. It was our brand. We sold it. Some of the products were great, some not so great, but it was cool, and TIGI was Toni&Guy and vice versa. As TIGI got bigger, it out grew Toni&Guy. It became its own company. Many of my coworkers shared my opinion that the TIGI image cheapened Toni&Guy.

I was sometimes ashamed of the glossy packaging and promos. It just started to not feel like the company I joined however many years ago, but we were chained to TIGI.In a world that was moving towards being “green” TIGI seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. I didnt feel that the way the products were marketed and packaged really related to any of my peers, even the smell seemed had a very artificial scratch-and sniffness to it. I would see salons going up that opted for the look of plants and wood grain rather than outlandish images and day-glow colors. The TIGI product would hardly even fit or compliment the decor of most of the salons that were opening.

I found myself wondering why they didnt change their style to suit what I assumed was the future of hair. Although, its not like they are doing bad, so somebody is buying it. I left Toni&Guy 3 years ago. Its not that I didnt like the company, quite the opposite in fact. Sure, they did somethings I did not like but thats part of working for a corporation. Shortly thereafter, TIGI was sold. There had been rumors humming, about a possible sale. I was already gone so I was simply an observer at that point. I had friends that were still very much involved in TIGI and Toni&Guy and I wondered how things might change for them. In the end I hope it does not change very much and if it does, I hope it changes for the better.

I know that currently, things are still very much the same, but change is inevitable and looming. If you watch this video, youll see that the president of TIGI Linea has only been in “office” for 5 weeks. Not very long considering how long the company has been under its new ownership.The future of TIGI remains to be seen and I would be lying if I said I wasnt interested. TIGI has always done things there own way. Its always bold and edgy, sometimes its comical, whether intentional or not, but who doesnt need a good laugh every once in a while. The haircuts are always fashion forward and I respect a company that stays ahead. Whether you like them or not. They are here and they are inspiring. It might inspire you because you love what they do, or it might be that you want to do something better. Either way, I am a fan and they seem to be here to stay.

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  • jackie
    January 20, 2011 at 5:27 am

    I love TIGI and have used it exclusively for the past 9 years. But no more, recently I found out the TIGI has decided to rent space from grocery stores to sell their products! We have pulled all the TIGI retail and backbar out of our salon, I will miss it, but I’m very loyal to my customers, product knowledge and I was very loyal to only TIGI!!! No more…I’m very disappointed TIGI 🙁

  • leehairstudio_vn
    March 11, 2011 at 3:39 am

    toni&guy = tigi = so cool

  • ashley
    November 1, 2011 at 10:09 am

    TIGI has not rented space from grocery stores, grocery stores buy old shelf lived product FROM them, and sells it to customers for more money than TIGI does, and its old, crappy product that doesn’t even work or smell the same. So, don’t buy anything from grocery stores unless you don’t care about how the product actually works.

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